There was an upper floor fire at 6:49am Eastern time Saturday 4/15/2017 with subsequent water and soot damage (but not heat damage)

The servers are destroyed.The next step is ongoing data recovery.

This could take quite awhile.We recommend that customers immediately open at least a short term hosting account elsewhere.

Please provide a a list of all your sites whan contacting


Update 10am Eastern time 4/18/2017

The mail server is up and running on borrowed hardware for now.

Web content for currently recovered site can be downloaded via FTP from

FTP Server:

If the default FTP port 21 is slow, try to connect your FTP client to port 4321

A free FTP client can be downloaded at

Contact for a FTP user name and password


Update 4/19/2017

The control panel is available at

But only email and DNS functions will work in the control panel


Update 4/21/2017

For those who donít understand what a FTP client is, use this link